Continuous Care

Short-term crisis management is provided in the patient’s place of residence. Most often it is initiated when death is forthcoming and the primary caregiver is unable to cope. Luminous Hospice Care can provide shifts of hospice staff for a brief period to help the patient, rather than transferring the patient to a hospital.

Should the patient show signs of difficulty or critical condition like pain, bleeding, confusion, breathing difficulty, seizures, and other symptoms that may warrant constant supervision, Infinite Hospice Care offers continuous care.

What is Continuous Care?

Continuous care is offered to patients who remain at home but already needing 24/7 supervision from a medical professional. This is a choice given to patients if they want to remain at home during very difficult times that to be sent to a hospital.

What to expect from continuous care?

Depending on the condition of the patient, hospice care may include 24/7 hospice nurse aide, a hospice physician who will work with the patient’s private physician or intensive care.

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